David Israel Katz squeezes spiritual ascent out of total irreverence, bending spacetime with voice, movement, text and image. His Jewish art project, foreignfire, unleashes through scored performances, improvisations, installations, sound recordings and video-art the aesthetic heat potentized in heritage ritual formulations. A versatile singer, David appears in recordings by Brett Carson (Mysterious Descent) and Hauswasser (2) among others. His solo work appeared in such places as Tectonics Festival (Tel Aviv), Musrara Mix Festival (Jerusalem), and Xavier Veilhan’s Studio Venezia (Venice Biennale). David earned an MA in Composition and an MFA in Improvisation from Mills College; Ha’aretz described him as “an uber-performer,” and his art-ritual, THRESH, was praised by Jewish Currents as “an intense game you can lose yourself in.”